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Connection to one friend drops mid-song when playing
(06-28-2020, 09:46 AM)chris.hallmark@sky.com Wrote: Hi,

We are a three-piece and having repeated problems while playing together in sessions. Essentially this happens:
> We start playing a song together, all is fine
> After a while - maybe 2 minutes - the drummer suddenly can't hear me any more - my signal just cuts off for him
> Guitarist can hear me fine, and I can hear him
> Drummer and the guitarist can hear each other fine
> I can hear the drummer fine
> But he can't hear me

We have discovered that if either he or I do a Resync the problem is fixed, but we can't keep doing that mid-song. It's getting really annoying.

I would attribute this to some random glitch except that it keeps happening, and it's always as above - every link works except the drummer suddenly can't hear me. It happened abut 6 times in a hour this morning, but it has also happened in our last 2 sessions.

Any suggestions on what is happening here would be much appreciated.

Could be either a problem with one members hardware OS (usually Windows) or could be Internet congestion. If any of your group are using Windows please be sure they follow the tuning steps to ensure their machine is capable of handling real-time audio.

Here's a good reference:


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