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New User Can't hear audio in headphones
[attachment=155 Wrote:     Doug N. pid='3814' dateline='1590699027']Check under Sound that the UMC202 controls the input and output and disable any integrated sound.
Thank you, Doug. I don't really understand this advice.  Under Audio Gear in the menu I get a screen with two Audio Profiles. I have included a screenshot of what I see. When I click "configure" it looks like my UMC202 is controlling the input. The two outputs say HpOut left and HpOut right and I don't have any other choices in the dropdown menu. Can send further screenshots if need be.  I appreciate your help - would like to get up and running here.

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RE: New User Can't hear audio in headphones - by ThePfef - 05-30-2020, 10:14 PM

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