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Jamkazam crash when selecting any usb webcam in a session, everytime
Jamkazam 1.0.3729 (Surface Pro 3 pc, win 10) is crashng whenever a USB cam is called up/used in a session.

When I go to 'video gear' outside a session it tests fine, shows and looks good. But in a session when I call it up it immediately crashes Jamkazam every time.
Forcing me to only use the built in webcam.

Never had this issue before, suspect something is broken in JK.
Again, the crash ONLY happens when I call up video webcam WHILE IN a JK session.  Immediate crash upon opening it.

Webcam works great in all other apps (skype, OBS, Hangouts, etc etc). Worked before in JK prev version.

Any info would be great (need usb webcam video).

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