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Trouble Shoot Behringer UMC404HD setup
Full disclosure, I am brand new to both JamKazam and audio interfaces.  Because I wanted to run both an accoustic guitar amp and an electric guitar amp (both of which will be mic'd into my audio interface) during prospective JamKazam sessions, as well as sing, I purchased an interface with 4 inputs --- the Behringer U-Phoria UMC404HD.

I downloaded the driver for this interface onto my computer, as well as the JamKazam app, but can't figure out why, at the end of the audio input set up process, I can't hear anything from any of my 3 mic's out of my headphones.

Here's a rough overview of my rig and what I did during setup. 

Input 1 on the UMC404HD is my vocal mic (SM58).  Input 2 is for the mic on my electric guitar amp's speaker (SM57).  Input 3 is for the mic on my accoustic guitar amp's speaker (another 57).  I've verified the connections at both ends of all 3 XLR cables. 

The interface is connected to my computer with the USB cable.  There is a separate power cord for the interface; it's plugged in and the "power" LED is lit on the interface.  Headphones are plugged in and, when I check the volume, it shows the Behringer interface as the audio source and the volume at 100%.  

I am hard wired from my computer to my router with ethernet cable.  

So I started with "Add New Gear".  Chose the dedicated Behringer interface (I downloaded the one specifically for the UMC404HD to my computer, it shows as the "UMC ASIO Driver" in JamKazan) from the input source menu; all 4 input ports then showed up as did the two output ports.

Commenced the network diagnostics, both latency and I/O were green so I went on to the next step of configuring the inputs.  I set both input "channel" options for the first "track" to Input 1, and set the instrument to "voice".  Then I added the other two input ports in the same manner --- although both will have guitars coming through them, the signal is in fact coming in via XLR, so I set them to "voice" as well.

After configuring inputs 1-3, and skipping over the chat mic step since I'll have a vocal mic running, I then arrived at the page where you are supposed to disable direct monitoring on your interface, if it has that feature.  I don't see that the UMC404HD does.  So I hit the "Play" button.  It looks like I should have signal in my headphones at that point from all 3 microphones, but I have nothing from any of them.

So I went back to the interface to check things.  Gain on all 3 inputs is set at 12 o'clock.  All three are set to Line as opposed to Instrument input. While I was speaking into the vocal mic, I dialed both the "Mic' and "Main Out" buttons all the way open and closed, as well as pu$ng the Monitor A / B switch in and out a couple of times.  No change; still can't hear anything in my phones.  Nothing if I open up a solo Session, either.

Anybody have any ideas?  Also, if JamKazam support is available, how do I get to them?  The URL for their support page fails whenever I click on it...

I don’t think you mentioned where the mix dial is set? Lots of folks miss the direct monitoring.

I have this interface, and I think many do as well. There is no direct monitoring switch. It’s the MIX dial. . Turn it to IN and you hear the input signals. Turn it to PB for JamKazam use.

You should be able to test your signal outside of JamKazam easily. Turn MiX knob to IN. Put your headphones on and check each line. If you get signal then you know the interface is cool at the input. Then go thru all the rest of the setup you mentioned in JK. Turn knob to PB. When your testing gear in setup or in a session this is necessary. You’re  listening to the signal post JK and back at your interface.

I’m using this interface on a Mac, so usually there’s no drivers used.  I think you are setting your drivers up properly but I don’t know for sure.

Check that the unit is getting signal to your headphones outside JK first. Don’t even plug the usb in. Just think of it as a 4 channel mixer. You might have to click the A/B Monitor switch to out, and Stereo/Mono in.

Hope it helps. This is basically the forum for support. Keep using the SEARCH function here. You’ll find some answers.

Are you in Colorado? 970?
Yeah, I would suspect the A/B Monitor switch. That unit has 4 outputs (2 stereo pairs), like a DJ mixer, with a second stereo pair as a monitor/cue mix. Follow the recommendations from Moose.

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