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Audio issues but with good latency and decent jitter - UMC202HD
I'm using the UMC202HD audio interface and have no issues setting up the gear and getting low latency (3-4 ms) and green I/O (sometimes yellow when deleting and re-adding gear), however when I go into a session, the device input and output jitter turns red and I have absolutely no audio out.  I can't hear anything i've recorded in a private session and can't hear anything when in sessions with others (regardless of total latency).   

 I've also tried putting the interface through Reaper DAW ASIO driver based on another forum post and that was no help either.  Unfortunately with the UMC202HD ASIO driver, I'm unable to change the buffer as JamKazam seems to lock the buffer setting at 8.

I thought it may be an issue with the interface audio out, but I can hear audio when just in a DAW or regular computer audio.  I've spent about 12 hours trying to get all of this setup and not sure where to go next after reviewing pretty much every forum post out there about UMC202HD.  


(05-01-2020, 09:04 PM)jasonatkins9999 Wrote:  Also noticed that when in a session and recording, the input and output jitter goes red.  Not sure why...just another frustration. 
sorry that I don[t have a solution but I can relate.  during audio setup and test session, everything looks good (occasional yellow jitter but that's it).  when I join a session, I get red jitter, red latency, and hear a lot of cracking breakup.  other participants here everything clearly.  what can I do?

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