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audio issues since last update of JamKazam Mac client - looking for help
Hey All I am having similar problems on a mac after the recent update last night, 5.1.2020.

I was running fine and wonderful with pings at 10-12ms and now if I am in a session with a pc user, it seems I receive no audio and just the packet loss error. I have tried to update all my router and sound card settings but nothing works.

This is so frustrating the app was working great a week ago! What can we do?!
(04-27-2020, 08:50 PM)stevant Wrote: I have a brand new Mac, running Catalina with an Apollo interface. One gig on my Fios service. Jamkazam was awesome up until Saturday night. Ever since then all I get is Network Packet loss errors. You can actually watch the log in the console. Us Mac users are at a loss at the moment until they do something for us. I tailored my router to open up the ports they suggested. I was thinking it was my internet but it’s not as I’ve run every test on my network side and that’s all good.
Yes, our group have the exact same problem.  I am using Mac w/ Catalina.  The JK application worked well for 3 weeks up until the update that happened sometime from Saturday to Wednesday.  Our group was on line on Saturday Apr 25 till 10pm pst. Then on Wednesday Apr 29 when I logged in for our session there was an update and we attempted to have a session but were unable. We experience all the same problems as expressed.  
I hope JK fixes this asap.
(04-27-2020, 10:36 PM)Dimitri Muskens Wrote: >>>
Running latest Catalina on a MBP here. No issues.
So, it is not "Us Mac users", but isolated cases.
Look for local issues.
Contact me when I'm online. We could go over it together.

Hi Dimitri,
I am having this issue also exactly. I would love some advise if you have time.
No audio here since the 5/1 update.

MAC 10.14.6 w/ UA Apollo Twin DUO
Looks like this has has been rectified for me. I did remove my WiFi from my network. Go into system preferences, network, select WiFi and then the minus sign. (You can add back if ever needed) I never use WiFi on my Mac as it’s hooked up via Ethernet but the WiFi present was giving me dual IP addresses in my terminal. This got rid of the dual IP in terminal and now I’m not getting packet errors since last night. Give it a try....
I'm having similar problems, wherein the packet loss errors are creating audio dropouts in the feed from the other session players.

The specifics:
Build 1.20 - 1.0.3672
OSX 10.14.1
Focusrite Clarett 8Pre (exact same problem with Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd gen)
Direct wired connection to my modem
If you're suffering packet loss issues the only things you can try your end would be the following :-

1) Go into your router's advanced settings and see if you have a QoS (Quality of Service) option and if it is enabled. If so turn it off as this can cause apps such as Jamkazam to have more issues.

2) Set up a port forward to your computer's IP (you can use the default 12000 and maybe do a UDP range between 12000 and 12020) and then in the application preferences tick both options to start Jamkazam when system starts and Always use the same set of UDP ports

Aside from that ensure no one else is on your network and disable any other apps that might be polling your internet. If after that you're still having the same issues then I think you might be out of luck as that would be down to either your internet connection (if you're with an ISP that has a high contention ratio and there are lots of people using the internet as they're watching endless Netflix or working from home you're more likely to suffer packet losses) or the quality of the internet connection of the people you're connecting with, at least this is the case with the experiences I've had daily over the last few weeks.
stevant's comment at 05-03-2020, 12:18 PM was the winner for me: Fully removing wifi from Internet options. It fixed my issues last night as well as those of all of the people I played with today, who were all on Macs.

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