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Does JK automatically synch recordings between devices?
I made a JK recording on my laptop. I now find the same recording as a local file on my PC on which I also have Jamkazam installed and which I log in to now and then. How has it got there? Does JK synch recordings automatically between devices (a bit like Dropbox)? If so can you stop it doing this?
Yes, jamKazam synch recordings between devices automatically

But not total or excact.

For example: if "Keep Uncompressed Recordings" is checked in POWER MIXER in JamKazam on your laptop, your recordings will be uncompressed wav-format.

But the "copies" on the stationairy PC (a laptop is a PC, too) will not be wav-format, but ogg-files (compressed).

In the whole I dont think the syncronization can be stopped

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