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Problem with chat (speaking) voice sounding like staticbuzz in headphones when I talk

When I enter a session, my bass works fine, but the voice chat isn’t working. When I try to talk, it creates a buzzing sound in my headset, and I’m not sure what someone else hears, but they say they can’t understand me. I think they can hear me attempting to talk. (I’ve tried to get people chatting, but haven’t been able to get clear input yet.)

I’m not sure but I’m assuming the iPhone headset (with adapter) won’t work going into the Steinberg, as I don’t believe there’s an audio in for the mic. 

So assuming I need to use the laptop mic for talking into, and am thinking my current setup is correct for that. (shown in screen shots attached)

These are my suspected problem areas.
  • The 3.5mm headphone cord going into an adapter, and then into the ¼” port on the audio interface. Perhaps that’s generating feedback or the static?
  • Session Audio Outputs in Configure Tracks > Inputs & Outputs; 1 & 2 are set to the audio interface ports left & right. 
  • Configure Tracks > Voice Chat > Select Voice Chat Option > Voice Chat Input; I have ‘Built-in Microph - Right’ selected, which I thought would best match the MacBook >  Settings > Sound > Output set to Internal Speakers > Built-in. Also, the bass goes into the left input of the audio interface, and didn’t think it would matter, but used ‘Right’ for the Voice Chat Input setting. 

I’ve tried both the Sony professional and iPhone (with mic) headsets, but I’m not sure if it matters that the iPhone headset has a mic.

I’ve attached screens for each of these. If anyone understands these settings and can tell me if I have something wrong, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thx.

My Setup
  • Steinberg UR22C audio interface into 2017 MacBook
  • Sony MDR-7506 professional stereo headphones
  • iPhone stereo headset with on-cord mic
  • 3.5mm to ¼” adapter to input headset into audio interface
  • Bass guitar with ¼” cord going into Steinberg audio interface

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The problem is that using 2 different input sources doesn't work well. You need a microphone connected to your Steinberg interface (like a Shure SM58).

My experience is that anytime I try to use part of my built-in audio combined with my external interface, the sound from one or both is terrible.

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