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Jamtracks and local audio files won't close
(07-25-2020, 07:17 AM)Chris Frost Wrote:
(07-24-2020, 04:52 PM)carvinae185@gmail.com Wrote: In my weekly sessions, I'm finding resistance to even using backing tracks.  Some have the feeling that you either need to pick easy, familiar songs where no preparation ( or jamtrack) is needed, or people need to know the songs in advance of the session.

Doing 3-chord blues all day holds very little interest for me, so I'm publi$ng the song list in advance and making charts and sound files available.  Whether the others will actually prepare remains to be seen.  :-)
It all depends on the instruments on your session.  If you have Rhythm instruments (Drum, Bass or Keys) you probably dont need backing tracks at all ... just Jam & enjoy.  I have always found that they would clash with the backing track anyway (in live sessions & classes, let alone on JK) .... but if you only have ‘lead instruments’ (lead guitar, woodwind, brass) and no rhythm ... then you are going to need a backing track.

and if you DO need a backing track - you really need it prepared in advance of the JK session and ready to upload (FLAC format is good).   As mentioned at the start - I have had these track not close and a RESYNC fixed it every time.

Chris Frost:   carvinae185@gmail.com=  Randy Petty on the Facebook Jamkazam group  :-)
Using Line 6 Helix or Roland Session Mixer as audio interface
Backing tracks, of course, have some justification. To demonstrate something, for learning and teaching etc.

However, I prefer to play WITH living people.
Instead of TO "dead" backing tracks.

Backing tracks do not listen to what people are playing - they are indifferent if someone wants to change tempo, e.g.

Even if there are "only" lead instruments (lead guitar, woodwind, brass) in a session, then there is always our own living heartbeat to work with, so to speak. Much better than a "dead machine", as a backing tracks in a way is.

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