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An Alternative - frank.kirschner@gmail.com - 05-20-2020

After many hours spent over a week or so, I give up on JamKazam.

Then I stumbled on sofasession. It loaded right away, worked the first time, and everything was simple and functional.

If your group is having problems with JamKazam, I suggest you try sofasession.

RE: An Alternative - Hans Peter Augustesen - 05-20-2020

Yes, Sofasession is almost plug-and-play.

But there is not many people.

For the moment there is 8 people. That is almost none.

But it is actually more than the usual 3 or 4

It is not possible to record a session.

It has been total out of function for a very long time.

Now it is working again, it seems.

In general it is in no way as good as JamKazam

Except for the plug-and-play - but that dont mean a thing for me

RE: An Alternative - Hans Peter Augustesen - 05-20-2020

If JamKazam goes out of function again for a longer period I will of course use it.

Or try, at least. If there is any home. Maybe along with some of the usual suspects, so to speak. lol

It is alright, no doubt about that