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RE: recording levels too low - jeffrey.e.farley@gmail.com - 05-08-2020

How do you adjust recording levels in the master mixer?

RE: recording levels too low - Egroeg - 05-12-2020

I have this problem too. If I boost the volume too high, I get clipping. When it's low enough to prevent clipping and the sound in the monitor is good before hitting the record button, the playback volume after recording is very low. Someone above suggested using Audacity, which I could download, though I have other recording software on my mac. Is that the only solution for now - run the recorded material through an editing software to raise the volume level after the initial recording?

Thanks for your replies!


(04-01-2020, 08:37 PM)michael.chadd@gmail.com Wrote: I have also experienced the same issue with recording playback volume? No matter how loud I set my guitar or mic the recording volume remains low.
I did notice that when the Jamkazam internal volume control is set low the recording volume is also lower. Perhaps the volume levels programed into the Jamkazam platform are not set high enough for the recording play back? So this may all be an internal programing issue.


I heard back from the Jamkazam tech support and they recommended downloading Audacity --which is a free audio recording app--I did download it and the recording playback volume is much better. So try that.

Thank you for that suggestion! How did you use Audacity to fix the playback volume?