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What determines the I/O rate? - Yowst - 05-05-2020

I have a brand new ACER laptop with a 10th generation intel i5 processor.
When I use the system's mic and speaker, I have a fairly high latency of 20ms, but my I/O rate and I/O variance are good.
If I use a USB microphone, I can get the latency back to around 11 ms, but my I/O rate falls to 0 (the I/O variance still is good).
Doing the same tests on my daughters laptop (ACER, AMD Ryzen 5) the USB mic also has a latency of about 11ms but the I/O rate is good.
This means the problem is in my laptop. However, since I cannot find anywhere what factors comprise the I/O rate, I don't know what actions to take, or what configuration possibilities to look for on my laptop.

Can someone please help me oud with this I/O Rate question?