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RE: Weird no audio situation - kempjef - 04-28-2020

I'll work on it! We only get together every few days; additionally, the only reason we've even attempted any Port tweaking is because there were problems with audio, so I can't see why rolling it back would be a 'fix'...but desperate times call for desperate measures. Any others out there have luck with this?

RE: Weird no audio situation - marhdeth - 04-28-2020

Could this be a proxy issue? Is anyone trying to jamkazam through a proxy?

RE: Weird no audio situation - kempjef - 04-29-2020

Fyi, had a great 2 hour sessions last night with 3 of us. The solution was to have the 'problem' jammer be the INVITER, and the other 2 join by invitation (the INVITER starts a solo session, then invites friends, which keeps the session private without going through the RSVP scheduling thing). Anyway, everyone could hear everyone else, only a few quick 'RESYNC's needed over 2 hours. All jammers were Focusrite Scarlett users, frame rates of 2.5ms, Sample rates/buffer 96000/64. 2 of us live less than 10 miles apart (latency was almost unnoticeable), INVITER 300 miles away (total latency 40-50 ms, manageable). 1 acoustic guitar, 1 electric, 1 bass, all vocalists. We sometimes used the Metronome, which 'forces' compliance but can be weirdly restrictive. In any case, this was a winning combo...hope the same setup functions next time we jump on!