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Bias FX 2 causing I/O Jitter? - lchomycz@comcast.net - 04-25-2020


Hope you all are well!

Running a Presonus Studio 24c with  Bias FX 2 32bit plugin. I'm having I/O Jitter issues every so often, not all the time. Also seems to happen when changing effects, but that could be just coincidence. Comes and goes sometimes for a short period of time - minute or two, sometimes much longer. PC Processor is set to performance (100%) available for all processes. Usage in JK shows max 15% processor usage. Today I changed my setup to use my Avid Eleven Rack and Vocal mic out of a mixer into the Presonus 24c, now I have absolutely no issue. Just for the heck of it, I ordered a Behringer  UMC202HD, I gotta see if my theory is correct, also I'd rather use Bias FX 2 if I can. Sounds great when it works!

Anyone else experience this?