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jamkazam recording - bhensler@gmail.com - 04-19-2020

When starting to record a jamtrack I can hear myself perfectly, but my instrument is not recorded. I played around with the mixer, with no success, also following the help note for recording:

While playing in your session, you are listening to your own personal mix. This recording will use the master mix, which may sound very different. To hear and adjust your master mix settings, click the MIXER button in the session toolbar.

My setup: Roland TD-11 <Midi> Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 <USB> Jamkazam (Mojave)

It seems I need to do the recording in jamkazam, using loopback rerouting software adds latency during the time of recording.

Any advice, thanks

RE: jamkazam recording - GaryBarcus - 04-22-2020

I am having a similar problem, when I click the mixer button, the level controls only apply to your personal (monitor) mix. I don't see how to control the master mix. Yet the mixer button is supposed to be what will set the MASTER levels. I did a few test recordings. If you crank your input level for your instrument way up, I think you will hear it if faintly in the recording. But that doesn't solve the problem of not being able to raise that level in the MASTER mix. I hope someone can provide the answer to this.
When you are playing along live with the Jamtrack it sounds fine, right?

RE: jamkazam recording - bhensler@gmail.com - 04-22-2020

Watching this tutorial helps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gn-dOqnNLoY
After having recorded your session Jamkazam will mix your tracks - which takes some time - and save them to the filemanager (from where you can download).
I documented my settings here: https://bernhard.hensler.net/jamkazam/