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Sample rate and ASIO latency isues - ostaz - 03-29-2020

Hi there,

I'm having several issuses setting up the app with my M-Audio Fasttrack ultra 8r.

1. I can't use the M-Audio ASIO drivers with out a HUGE amount of latency.

2. The app is telling me that my input and output sample rates do not match.  I don't even know how that is possible.

i can't seem to get beyond these two issues.  If I could solve them, i think this would be an incredibly helpful tool.  I hope someone can help!


RE: Sample rate and ASIO latency isues - Suedseele - 04-01-2020

I had similar problem with a Focusrite gear of a friend. But Windows 10 was in a bad shape. After everything was updated, even the driver of the interface, everything was fine. Also the the miss match of the sample rate.
When other programs are running, they also increase the sample rate of you interface.
I hope it helps.