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Few Mac app problems - Profile editor - vneveux@gmail.com - 03-29-2020

Hello all,
Thanks for your amazing work. You're building a very promising service ! Not only in the strange period of pandemic crisis we are all struggling against.

  1. I created a band. I'd like to modify some things in the Bio. When I clic on "Edit profile" or "Edit Bio" (linking the same page) I can modify the text but "Save and next" button has no effect. It doesn't validate my changes and I can't go next step, changing other information.

  2. When I first created that band profile, new members instruments or skills were not tagable - no check box and no effect at click...

  3. Band profile page shows :Location:
    Location :
    Paris, A8
    It should be Region or Country I guess... A8 means nothing to me - I suppose it's a code. 
    A very minor bug.

However. Thanks a lot for all.
Be good and the best for you and everybody on the line!
Vincent - Fr

RE: Few Mac app problems - Profile editor - bbdings - 04-14-2020

same here, especially (1) is quite bothering .... Sad