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Crackling when using Logic Pro - Cobbyco - 03-25-2022

After a disastrous attempt to add Amplitube 5 as a Plug In I’m now trying routing my bass through Logic Pro to get a bit of sound enhancement.

I’m using a Mac with a Motu M2 AI going into Logic Pro and am using Blackhole to route the output. All settings seem to be on 44.1khz and JK is set on ‘Match’ so that all seems to be consistent but every so often I got a quite loud random crackling noise.  Nothing seems to be clipping and the crackling can come when I am not even playing.

All other settings are the same if I just use the M2 direct so it seems like there may be something in Logic I need to change.

Any thoughts or ideas very welcome!


RE: Crackling when using Logic Pro - Zlartibartfast - 03-30-2022

I can report that I've encountered "crackling" when playing certain AU instruments in Logic and nothing else running. The Mac I use now is not high powered, and virtual instruments like the Hammond Organ will peak the CPU.

My advice is (same advice I give my friends): use external hardware rather than internal software whenever you can. For me this means plugging in my pedal board when playing bass, and using an external mixer in front of my audio interface.

in the past, I have been able to get all of this working in the software domain, but inevitably something glitches and I have to go back to the drawing board. Using external hardware has eliminated that problem.