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Bad Count IN on Jamtrack - String Bender - 01-21-2022

Ok, so I normally purchase my backing tracks from a competing site as they have more selections with reliable quality. However I have found a few on JamKazam that I preferredĀ and wanted to support their site as well. I purchased "Daydream Believer" and discovered that the Count in is totally out of tempo and unusable. I sent an email to support and JamKazam respondedĀ that they were no longer monitoring that email address. What gives? I purchased something and expect it to work. The email stated if the reason I contacted was other than support I could send to info@jamkazam.com. If someone is willing to pay for something you need to make sure they get what they pay for. I expect to have an option of "Count IN" that works and is in tempo. I could try to fix it myself but I'm paying for something that should work. Come on guys! Fix this or I will no longer be able to consider supporting your site. Geeesh!