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JK Mixer Weirdness - TWDay72 - 11-23-2021

Without any evidence of updates in the JK system, it seems like the portal's mixer functions have gone nuts. Used to be, the "audio inputs" mostly functioned like typical pre-fader signals in a normal mixer and the "personal mix" section mostly worked like an aux send used for headphone or monitor mixes. Now, I don't know what is going on with the mixers, especially when we use a drum track played through the "Open/audio file" input path.

For starters, figuring out who has "control" of the "audio file" volume is tricky-to-impossible. Whoever opens the file has primary control of the" audio file" volume, but when anyone else in the session messes with the "audio file" the volume changes radically and painfully for everyone but the person who loaded the file into JK. Once that starts happening, everyone is grabbing for the "audio file" volume and it is a clusterf**k from then on. It has become so unusable that at least one member of our group is at the point where he doesn't feel his Gold member$p is worth the money and if he leaves we'll probably all give up the on-line band idea. I might be the only one of the 5 of us who bothers with continuing a paid member$p since I'm the only one who ever attempts to use JK for random jamming.