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How to change Packet Rate - dannydep - 09-20-2021

When preparing for our band practice this week my band mate got the following item in his Audio Configuration Review Report:
6. Poor Packet Rate: Your default packet rate is '100'. A packet rate of 400 will give lowest latency. 100pkt/s has
7.5ms more latency than a packet rate of 400 pkt/s.

He changed his Frame Rate to 1ms which is what I have mine set at.....
If there is another way to increase his Packet Rate from 100 to 400, please advise?

I cannot find any documentation on how to correct this problem.
ciao,  Dan

RE: How to change Packet Rate - Dimitri Muskens - 09-20-2021

Those are two different things (Frame Rate & Packet Rate)

The latter has been moved to;
'Manage > Network Settings > Connection + Route > Routing Settings' (=3rd tab) (might have to scroll down a bit)

If I'm not mistaking 400 Pkt/s is the default setting.

(BTW, there's other/shorter ways to get to that screen, at least on mac there is.)

RE: How to change Packet Rate - dannydep - 09-20-2021

Thanks Dimitri,
Will give it a try.
ciao, Dan