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JK Crashes when 9th player enters session - GeoAnders - 05-07-2021

This situation has occured on a couple of occasions for me.

I take part in a weekly (Thursday night) sesssion that draws players from Manitoba and New Jersy as well as British Columbia and Oregon.  On April 22nd, as a new member was joining the session, I heard a high-pitched tone in my headphones, the Jamkazam window turned gray, and the application crashed returning me to my Windows welcome screen.

I tried several times to reenter the session.  Each time the session screen appeared and players names and info boxes began to appear.  Then...gone!  Back to the Welcome screen.  I tried unsuccessfully 4 times to reenter the session, rebooting my PC between each attempt.  I could launch JamKazam, and it was stable, but I could not reenter the original session.  It joined another session, this one with only 4 other players, and experienced no crashes.

This situation revisited me during last night's session.  When the 9th player entered the session the high-pitched tone was presented and the Windows welcome screen welcomed me back.  I could not rejoin the session.  Grrrr....

This appears to be related to the number of players in a session.  Any ideas JamKazam support?


RE: JK Crashes when 9th player enters session - Zlartibartfast - 05-07-2021

There are some new options relating to group size in a session, under Manage/Network Settings/Connection + Route. In the Routing Settings tab, look for options pertaining to Large Group Routing.

Not tech suoport,
Justin O. Theruser