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Audio Interface latency / jitter - Dimitri Muskens - 03-23-2021

Just did a 'little round' visiting some sessions going on ATM.
I noticed some complaint about raised interface latency in reference with the latest update of JKz. I myself do not see any difference. On either interface I'm running here, on neither W10 or macOS 11.2.3

I do see someĀ 'stubbornly' trying to get the Audio Interface latency down as far as possible by lowering the frame size. Although this seemingly works in many cases, if on the other hand your Input Jitter & Output Jitter become unstable and keep going into the red, you are actually hurting your overall latency and playing experience.
It would be better to opt for a slightly higher Audio Interface latency with a steady I/O Jitter - this will improve performance with less glitches.