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Cable Vs Fiber Modem? - Gary Card - 03-22-2021

I’m upgrading my Internet service, and my two (same price) options are cable 300 which delivers 300 mbps upload and 100 download or fibre which delivers 300 and 300. Fibre sounds like a better deal but the company that delivers it here in Canada has terrible customer reviews. So I’m wondering how much difference the upload speed will make using jamkazam. I’m inputting to MOTU M4 off USB 2.0 on my iMac.
Any technical people who might answer that for me?


RE: Cable Vs Fiber Modem? - Zlartibartfast - 03-22-2021

100mb/s upload is more than enough. Right now I have only 5, and it works OK.

300mb/s download on cable (DOCSIS 3.0) is about as fast as you can get, so there's little room for an upgrade there. 300 on fiber is essentially 1/3 of it's current capacity, and there is room for upgrade in the future.

But, no matter how fast fiber is, if it's badly managed, it's no better than cable (I have experience here both as a consumer and a network administrator).

So I'm going to suggest you go with the cable service, and get your own DOCSIS modem (Netgear was my choice) plus get your own ethernet router. One that you can manage your QoS settings, and setup port forwarding for your JamKazam PC (for this I go with Cisco SOHO products such as the RV340)

RE: Cable Vs Fiber Modem? - Gary Card - 03-23-2021

Thank you for your recommendations.