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Repeated crashes since Feb 2 update - btdtgatts - 02-05-2021

Something in the Feb 2nd update has resulted in continual crashes - JamKazam just closes a few minutes after opening. I haven't changed any settings and everything was working well - great, actually - before the update. I'm running a Scarlett2i2 with an Earthworks TC25 on a MacBook Air. I've tried rebooting, shutting down everything else, reinstalling my audio equipment. Nothing works. I'm happy to pay for a service that works. I had one before Feb 2nd but the last few days JamKazam has been useless. Any suggestions would be greately appreciated!

RE: Repeated crashes since Feb 2 update - Zlartibartfast - 02-05-2021

My 2019 Mac Mini/Catalina/MOTU 828es/thunderbolt is not having any problems. In fact, it's working better than before. Do you know if you've had updates to anything else on your system besides just the Jakazam client?

You can access logs and generate reports from the Manage/Support menu options, and if you are a gold subscriber, you can open a trouble ticket with them.

If you have not done this already, try deleting you current audio profile, rebooting, and then create a new audio profile. Keep it simple, and don't run any other apps that utilize your audio interface.