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Juno Gi synth - Brian Kent - 02-03-2021

I'm new to Jamkazam. I would like to use my Roland Juno Gi as my audio interface. It has inputs/outputs for guitars/mics etc.
When I connect the Juno to Jamkazam via laptop USB I can add it as an Audio interface & it works fine with the keyboard, but NOT with the guitar.
Any ideas please?

RE: Juno Gi synth - Zlartibartfast - 02-03-2021

I don't know how old this keyboard is and I haven't read the manual, so I can't say for certain, but -
It appears to have only mono/stereo outputs, so I reckon it only shows 2 channels in Jamkazam. If that is so, then you will have to find a way to mix your guitar/mic into the 2 channels along with your synthesizer outputs.

My Roland Fantom X7 will do this; perhaps your Juno will do it also.

I don't use my keyboard as my interface, BTW. The Fantom is too old to be supported s a USB device. I plug the keyboard into my interface, which I know is fully compatible with Jamkazam

RE: Juno Gi synth - Brian Kent - 02-06-2021

Thanks for your reply & advice. It suggests to me the Juno is too old to be compatible. I have ordered an audio interface device to solve the problems.
Take care & thanks again.