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Backing Tracks - G the wildman - 01-15-2021

Hi Guys,

My Friend and I are new to Jamkazam. I am a Goldy he is Gold trial. Most things are working okish. But we have been importing backing tracks and they sound like they are under water at the other end. Any tips?

We are also both paid up for Unltimate Guitar and have been trying to send their backing tracks through the system but the other end can't hear it.

I have run it through a mixer, just focusrite, via phone, tablet, pc. All with not success. Any tips?


RE: Backing Tracks - Zlartibartfast - 01-15-2021

I haven't tried importing backing tracks into my sessions; I play them from my iPad jacked into the AUX In of my keyboard mixer, and that works just fine.

I wouldn't expect your imported tracks to sound the same in a session as they do when played "straight" from your phone/laptop/whatever, because they are compressed down for streaming.

You might be able to improve the sound quality using the Power Mixer:
Manage/Audio Settings/Pro-Audio Mixer