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My backing tracks - carvinae185@gmail.com - 01-04-2021

For your own backing tracks used in a session ( not jamtracks) , 3 of the main file types you can use are WAV, OGG and FLAC.  These usually vary quite a bit in size and quality.  I've been using FLAC but I'm wondering how quality or file size impacts the performance in JK.  Specifically in terms of glitches or being able to lower Audio FrameSize below 2.5ms.

In my experience 2.5 is the minimum for glitch-free playback of backing files.
WAV files are too large, would I be better off using OGG at around 224 kb/second, which is better than most mp3s and only a fourth the size of my FLAC files.


RE: My backing tracks - Zlartibartfast - 01-30-2021

bump - did you arrive at a conclusion?

As I understand it, Jamkazam still applies compression to your backing tracks (probably OGG since it's free) when you upload them, so I would reckon that FLAC would work the best for audio fidelity

RE: My backing tracks - carvinae185@gmail.com - 01-30-2021

I had good luck with both FLAC and OGG. OGG generally seems to have a smaller file size so I've been using them mostly. Main problems we have with backing tracks is controlling the volume individually in a session. Somewhat unpredictable.