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change camera input without closing session? - ChristopherO - 09-22-2020

First of all, hello!  My name is Christopher Overstreet and I am a piano teacher and composer multi-media programmer artist guy.  I used JamKazam a little bit over a decade ago? And now it is critical to use it again.  Thank you for resuming your efforts!  

Maybe this is a feature request, just want to make sure I'm not overlooking something...  I'd like to be able to switch between camera inputs during a session.  This is often needed for teaching.  I have a work around, but it requires running more stuff/gear.  I send from OBS to JamKazam via NDI, and switch my inputs in OBS.  It works when it works.  Also, besides being simple/useful it might help with camera problems like this one...

If I am using my phone with EpocCam or NDIhx, etc. and my phone battery dies, or app crashes.  It will not reconnect to JamKazam during a session.  I imagine as an OK programmer this might be able to solve both problems.

Anyways THANK YOU!  This is my first post to the forum.  I am finding JamKazam as I slowly integrate it into my teaching is making me not want to quit teaching!  Zoom lessons are torture.

Christopher Overstreet