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Session management - Tom Chambers - 04-03-2020

Two issues:
1. I set up an RSVP only scheduled session, it appears in 'featured sessions' from which I can join it, but sooner or later, it disappears and there's a 'No sessions' message instead.

2. I  can see from my account home that I'm scheduled to play in the session and can view session details from there However,I'm not able to mark the session 'recurring'. I can change the drop down box to 'weekly' but it reverts to 'non-recurring' as soon as I click the 'update' button.

3. I can't find any reference to the session in 'find a session' or 'view feeds'.

Anyone got any ideas?

RE: Session management - Mike Garrahan - 04-28-2020

I RSVP'ed to a scheduled session on one instrument, canceled, and re-RSVP'ed on a different instrument.
Find Session search now fails to show that session (genre=Classical, keyword=Haydn, both, or neither).