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Donate via PayPal - Woti - 08-29-2020

Hello, I would like to donate some money via "gofundme", but I don't have a credit card and don't want to buy one. Is there a way to make a payment via Paypal? best regardsĀ  Heart

RE: Donate via PayPal - eugenelamarche - 12-05-2020

Yes please!

There a many reason why this option should be added :

- only one place to manage cards
- have the option to pay either with a credit card or a bank card
- I'm pretty shure as the Jamkazam is a small team and have many things to manage, I'm not confident that this part is well controlled
- Security is very strong with paypal

I'm sure there are probably a small fee that paypal charge to Jamkazam for it but I'm willing to pay extra fee for that feature

As a computer scientist, a digital security freek, I really don't like the idea of putting my credit card on any website.

2020 = hacking.
Jamkazam = a really small organisation = good opportunity for hacking

PLEASE consider this feature! All my subscriptions go through paypal.


RE: Donate via PayPal - lconway - 12-05-2020

I echo this preference!!!