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exporting individual tracks? - benvolio - 08-10-2020

Hey y'all

I'm a newbie here, so thanks in advance. 

Is it possible to export the individual instrument tracks you hear in a  JamTrack session and if so, what kind of file would it be?

For example, I bought "Hold On" by the Alabama Shakes and would like to listen to the bass part on my iPhone when I exercise to help memorize it. Can that happen?


RE: exporting individual tracks? - RobertAtJam - 01-28-2021

I also cannot find good instructions on how to download individual tracks (mp3) so that I can use them in my DAW. Several songs I have payed for are of no use to me because I only want them for the use of the tracks. Jamkazam seems to discourage this?

RE: exporting individual tracks? - Zlartibartfast - 01-28-2021

When you are in your session & have your JamTrack open, look on the JamTrack control window. Find "My Mixes" then look to the right.
Expand "show my mixes". Here you can make a selection for downloading - either the entire JamTrack as a master mix, or a selected individual track.