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VST/AU plugins on tracks not working properly - jamsden - 08-08-2020

I'm using Loopback on MacOS 10.15.6 to route various inputs from my Focusrite Saffire Pro40 and MainStage (for drum tracks) into JamKazam. I configure JamKazam tracks:

  1. Vocal - Saffire Pro40 track 4 with CLA Vocal plugin
  2. Guitar - Saffire Pro40 tracks 9 & 10 being driven by Helix Floor
  3. Bass - Saffire Pro40 track 21 direct in (active bass)
  4. Keys - Saffire Pro40 tracks 27 & 28 driven by MODX stereo output
  5. Drums - MainStage stereo output using Playback plugin with .caf files for drum tracks
This all works great. But the problem is that sometimes the plugins on tracks don't work. For example, if I add Helix Native to track 3 to use a bass amp model, there's no input or output from the plugin for the bass. However, the channel two guitar is now feeding the channel 3 plugin - so the bass guitar amp model is on the guitar not the bass.

It seem the plugins are getting the inputs and sending their outputs to the wrong track. Maybe the inputs to the plugins are based on the audio device channels, not the JamKazam tracks? So it works fine as long as the two match, which isn't the case with Loopback?

If I configure the plugins using the Manage > Audio Console tracks, then it works right. But its not convenient because you can't adjust the plugins from from the my live tracks view. You have to do it through a multi-step process:
  1. Open the Audio Console
  2. Click on the VST checkbox to open the VST dialog
  3. click on the open plugin GUI button
  4. close the VST dialog (or the plugin GUI doesn't receive any keyboard or mouse input)
  5. close the VST dialog
That's too many windows and steps when you're trying to jam.

I would be happy to work with the developers to demonstrate and debug this.

RE: VST/AU plugins on tracks not working properly - Giancarlo - 08-10-2020

Similiar issue here.
Would be also great, I JKZ could "remember" the plugin settings.