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RE: 23rd June - new upgrade - Hans Peter Augustesen - 06-25-2020

In comes the invisible zjombie ...

Out goes the ghostly zlombie ...

RE: 23rd June - new upgrade - harvkaz@gmail.com - 06-29-2020

I was told by another user that I needed to download new version. Opened Jamkazam - no prompt for upgrade. I uninstalled old version, went to Jamkazam and clicked on download app (under profile). System files and installer were downloaded, but it just hung on "preparing to install" Did I do something wrong? How do I get latest version?

RE: 23rd June - new upgrade - paulfbass - 07-03-2020

I think a zombie user might be a guy who quits JK without Leaving the Session. So when that happens, other people searching for sessions to join would see the zombie as an open session, even though the zombie is long gone. Just a guess