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RE: Can I Mute? - Hans Peter Augustesen - 08-03-2020

New conclusion:

There are two ways. Provided one has a MIX control - and it is in the middle position.

1: Use "Direct Monitoring" on the audio interface.
2: Use the mute function in JamKazam's interface.

Consequently, for those who do not have a MIX control, there is only option 1

Of course, I do not claim that one is better than the other.
Just that both work for me. And others who have a MIX control.

Unfortunately, I forgot from the start that many audio interfaces do not have a MIX control and so on. Of course, that should never have happened. But that is hopefully remedied now ...

RE: Can I Mute? - raychew - 08-04-2020

I agree with @JeffLearman.

When I mute myself in JK, I can no longer hear my input without Direct Monitoring engaged. Both things have to happen. I have mix control and I have to bleed my direct input in for this to work which is effectively the same as direct monitoring. The only difference is a switch vs. a pot.