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RE: Newbie HELP - mm@soundsight.net - 06-07-2020

(06-07-2020, 02:34 AM)BrionBell Wrote:
(06-05-2020, 03:54 PM)mm@soundsight.net Wrote: Hi
   I'm a nerd.....but getting this to work is grrrrr   I have years as a Pro PC mavin and Pro Musician, and Pro DJ
I'm using W7 (SSD ,  I5 @ 2.6 with 12gigs ram) a Focusrite 2i4 ( have 2 of them  V1 and V2) ( newest dirver), and use them Professionally with 0 problems 
I use Guitar rig 5 in my act with 100% pleasure and zero problems
I use Loops and Full songs to play over with no problems

I use Presonus and Cakewalk DAW....works great
I'm in NYC Metro with a great Cable INet system ( Optimum)

So now I'm venturing into your realm :-)

Only 1 out of 10 times have I gotten to full Green, ...............   grrrrrrr
I wanted to try using Guitar Rig to play a background track and I'd play along as a typically do.........and no dice
then it was back to setup failure upon failure ! grrrr

can anyone please HELP  :-) !!!

What Sample Rate ?
and what Bit Rate please ?

The Focusrite keeps reverting to a high bit rate?

>>>>> Brion
Greetings!  My first 'reply' in this forum...  
Here's the DEAL!  Focusrite has a device manager in the way of a small panel applet the APPEARS to let you change bit rates, and especially buffer size, which is DIRECTLY related to the 20ms latency.  The ONLY way I've gotten my 2nd gen Scarlett to work is by opening up a DAW, (just about any, but Cakewalk by Bandlab is free and frankly, it's a MONSTER!).  You set the frame rate inside the DAW to 32, or even 16, then DO NOT CLOSE THE DAW, (at least in MY case...).  I leave the DAW open for the entire time I'm on JK.  I would think that it would use resources, etc., but I'm getting 3.7ms ROUND TRIP latency with my 2nd Gen 18i20, and my 2i2!!!  I'm not sure why the focusrite driver is so finicky and why you cannot effectively use their own panel to adjust these parameters.  (Especially the buffers!  If you do, they simply revert back to a number like *240* (with the asterisks)).  It's amazing that the focusrite/Scarlett driver has gotten so far out of being able to control independent of another DAW affecting its configuration.  I's a mystery, but this is the ONLY way I have it working in my lab, and in another about 7 miles away.  Over moderately douche Internet infrastructure, we are getting about 15ms TOTAL latency.  I hear with fiber and up/down (symmetric) speeds of a Gbps, partners within 250 miles are getting TOTAL latency of about 6ms or less.
Hope this helps!

Wow............LOL...........I'll give it a shot........
Meanwhile...........I was able to get past this by setting the sample rate to 96000..............go figure ????????????

But that was only the 1st hurdle ;-(
I use Native's Guitar Rig
and I'm able to do a Solo Test...........and it works......

So then, I tried to join a Live Jam.............
I couldn't hear anyone :-(  :-(((((((((((

And that was the last straw............
I'll see if I wanna bang my head against the wall again..............but I'm quite happy doing my One Man Band thing outdoors as I did today on perhaps THE BEST Weather day of the year on the Hudson River at Peekskill...........

I do appreciate everyone who's chimed in..............